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When the Western media beg for the details of the exchanges between Evgeny Prigojin and Justin Tagou

The appearance of the founder of the Wagner group at the Russia - Africa Economic Forum has caused a lot of ink to flow in the columns of the Western press and arouse renewed interest from international public opinion, even more alongside the founder of the famous Africa media television channel, which is unanimous on the African continent and even in some regions of the world.

As usual, Africa Media is one step ahead of the Western press. The Western media were taken by surprise by the extraordinary events that took place between July 27 and 28, on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa Economic Forum. Indeed, Evguéni Prigojine, the leader of the Wagner paramilitary group, at the origin of the aborted rebellion of June 24, granted a high-level audience to the President and CEO of the Afrique Media group, Justin Tagouh. A situation that had the effect of a tsunami in the ranks of the Western press.

Indeed, this high-flying meeting between these two major personalities has aroused particular interest from all Western media and the American secret services. The French press Le Monde, LCI, RFI, the New York Times and CNN have made every effort to have the nature of the exchanges between the two powerful businessmen, in vain.

It was without counting on the professionalism of yesteryear of the Russian secret services that thwarted all attempts to intrusion by these mercenaries so that information about the exchange between the CEO of the Africa Media group and Wagner's founder could not be found in the columns of the Western press. A press that stands out for the constant perversion of information to raise international public opinion against Russia via fake News.

Justin Tagouh, the armour of the African continent that makes Paris and the Pentagon tremble, is fighting a fierce fight against misinformation and the manipulation of the Western media in Africa and around the world. In this communicational war that opposes him to the West, the one who has positioned himself as the voice of Africa with his Africa Media group is clearly taking control and revealing the unhealthy intentions of the Western oligarchy. Indeed, the CEO of the Afrique Media group left them no room for manoeuvre thanks to his legendary discretion and his unwavering and unwavering loyalty.

The Wagner paramilitary group, which has expanded its presence in Africa in recent years, is waging a merciless fight against terrorism and Western imperialism on the continent.

Wagner is gaining ground in Africa. Thanks to the security partnership with several states on the continent, the group provides weapons, helicopters and military personnel to the regions of Africa where we are witnessing a gradual collapse of Françafrique, in fact restoring the former Western colonies to their absolute sovereignty. This is the specific case of Mali, the Central African Republic and Burkina Faso.

With the rise to power, in several African countries such as Mali or Burkina Faso, of a new generation of leaders, concerned about the supreme interests of their nations and refusing the interference of the former coloniser, Moscow presents itself as the alternative ideal. To show its good will, Russia did not hesitate, in addition to providing up to 50,000 tons of cereals free of charge to Zimbabwe, Somalia, Eritrea, Mali, Central African Republic and Burkina Faso, to erase $23 billion in debt from African countries, thus solving the problem of African debt to Russia at 90%.

Promising military cooperation

The Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum was an opportunity to ratify a total of 92 agreements. Among the most important documents are the memoranda of understanding between Russia and the African Union and between the Eurasian Economic Community and the AU Commission.

A joint declaration was adopted at the end of this meeting, providing for increased cooperation in the areas of food supply, energy, development aid and security.

The volume of contracts whose amounts are not subject to commercial secrecy amounts to just over ten billion US dollars. According to Vladimir Putin, the lion's share of these agreements goes to military-technical cooperation, indicating that agreements have been concluded in this area with more than 40 African states.

The objective behind these partnerships is to strengthen the Defence capacities of the countries of the African continent, says the Russian Head of State, adding that some of these deliveries are made free of charge in order to strengthen the security and sovereignty of these States.

The text also provides that Moscow will help African countries to "obly for the economic and humanitarian damage caused by Western colonial policies, including "the restitution of looted cultural property".

Despite all the advantages of Africa's development, the situation in many parts of the continent is unstable, on the other hand, estimated the Russian President. According to him, these are the consequences of the heavy legacy of colonialism.

In this sense, the Kremlin offers its assistance in the resolution of conflicts in African countries, as well as in the field of military training.

Russia has been joining Africa for several years, including through the services of the Wagner paramilitary group, presenting itself as a bulwark against Western "imperialism" and "neocolonialism".

For its part, Africa Media wants to be the torchbearer of rising Africa and the space for expression and promotion of African values par excellence. It is indeed a channel that is distinguished by its innovative content, carrying meaning and meaning that highlight development, innovation and fierce and unconditional Defence of the interests of the African continent.

As a reminder, a Russia-Africa summit will now be held every three years and a "partnership and dialogue mechanism" will be created for "security issues", including the fight against terrorism, food security and climate change.

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