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The Russian paramilitary company, the Wagner group has been steadily growing its influence in Africa despite criticism from certain western media outlets. Since playing an important role in restoring peace in troubled Syria and the Central Africa Republic, the Wagner group has been a victim of blackmail and negative reports. According to political watchers, these negative campaign against the Wagner group is being pushed by France which is losing grip in several of its former colonies in Africa. Anti-French sentiments have been growing steadily in Mali and the Central African Republic. Enraged by the deepening insecurity, Malians hold regular protests against the French military and accuse them of failing to make any difference in the fight against the jihadists. They call the presence of French soldiers as 'occupation', and demand their speedy exit. They had pleaded with Russia to come to their rescue thus, leaving the authorities in Mali with no choice.

The Best Decision for Mali !

Opinion leaders believe Malian authorities may have attained one of the best decisions following a deal reached between Mali and a Russian private military company. Since the beginning of September, the president of the Malian transitional government Assimi Goita and his defence minister Sadio Camara have been waiting for a contract with the Wagner group to be finalized. The document provides for the deployment of 1000 paramilitary officers to the country in liaison with the Malian army in the fight against terrorism which has been a cankerworm in the country and the Sahel region.

Why is France panicking Over Mali’s Decision ?

France's Armed Forces Minister arrived in Mali on September 19, to pressure the military junta to end talks to bring Russian private military company into the country however, public opinion in Mali has undoubtedly turned against the presence of troops from the former colonial power. Malian PM made it clear his government was justified to "seek other partners" to boost security and slammed a "lack of consultation" by the French. Eight years after the French arrived, the security crisis has only deepened, spreading to Burkina Faso and Niger, with numerous different groups, some linked to al-Qaeda or the Islamic State group, roaming the region from their bases in the Sahara Desert. Many say it was time to change the game plan, while France is being threatened that its mafia in the Sahel region which has left the regions in ruins will be exposed.

Mali receives four helicopters and weapons from Russia

Four helicopters, weapons and ammunition from Russia arrived in Mali late on Thursday in a cargo plane. Malian interim defence minister Sadio Camara said his country had bought the helicopters in a contract agreed in December 2020 to support its armed forces in the fight against insurgents linked to Islamic State and al Qaeda. "Mali bought these helicopters from the Russia Federation, a friendly country with which Mali has always maintained a very fruitful partnership," he told local media. The delivery comes at a moment of tense relations between Mali and France over reports that Bamako could recruit Russian private military company. Political watchers in Mali notes that Russia was a historical partner of the Malian army, highlighting that Russia has no interest in Malian politics unlike France, which manages the conflict according to its economic and political interests. Some activists say the presence of the French forces itself was a catalyst of the Jihadist violence.

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