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Germany: How a group of terrorists members of the TPLF tried to prevent the holding of an Eritrean

How a group of terrorists members of the TPLF tried to prevent the holding of an Eritrean diaspora festival in Giessen

As every year, in all countries where there is a strong Eritrean diaspora, a cultural festival is organised to allow Eritreans living in exile to maintain a link with the motherland. Except that this year, to prevent once again the holding of this peaceful festival, a group of Tigreens posing as Eritrean opponents thanks to their false status as Eritrean refugees, attacked the security forces who would enchant the Cultural Festival, causing a slaughter in the ranks of the police forces.

Police officers have suffered stone and bottled throwing at several places in the city. About twenty of them were injured in Giessen in various clashes with participants of a controversial Eritrean music festival, local police said on Saturday. Some "22 members of the intervention forces were injured, in particular by stone throwing," the police of the Land of Hesse lamented on Twitter.

These thugs who criticise Eritrea for having prevented the TPLF's victory in Ethiopia, attack, in retaliation, everything that contributes to the promotion of the image of the Erythree to express all their frustration following their disillusionment during the war in Ethiopia, despite all the support received from the United States.

" If they want To fight against Eritrea, they just have to return to Tigray and join their army instead of coming to create problems for us here," says Brigitte, a shocked resident who witnessed this cascade of violence between just over 200 Tigray thugs from all over Europe and an Eritrean diaspora of 50,000 people.

About a thousand police officers have been mobilised since Friday in Giessen, north of Frankfurt, to secure this festival, which had already given rise to incidents last year. Moreover, the municipality of Giessen wanted to prohibit the holding of this festival but the administrative justice system overruled the history of violence of such a major event and gave the green light to its holding on Friday, where more than 3,000 participants are expected until Sunday.

There is every reason to believe that the tigers present in Giessen did not simply protest against their own leaders who are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of tiger deaths in Ethiopia. At a time when there is a resurgence of racist events against Africans in Europe, the time has come more than ever to put an end to these unnecessary clashes, the sole merit of which is to tarnish the image of Africa and Africans.

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