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Eritrean Festivals: The Bane of the Enemies of Eritrea.

In Eritrean communities across the globe 2022 will be remembered for the huge and successful Eritrean festivals that have been held across Europe, America and other parts of the World and the unprecedented massive exodus of Eritreans to Eritrea for their summer holidays. Naturally, both events have caused unease and consternation in the anti- Eritrea camp.

The Eritrean festivals that have been held were immensely successful and stand as testament to the unwavering unity of Eritreans. The festivals have attracted tens of thousands of Eritreans with the Stockholm Festival, the largest festival, attended by over thirteen thousand people.

These festivals have a long history dating back to the days of the Eritrean Struggle for Independence and ever since then have served to bring together Eritreans from across the different regions and as a link for Eritreans residing abroad with their homeland. The festivals also serve to introduce the culture of Eritrea to those Eritreans born outside of Eritrea and to friends of Eritrea.

In true Eritrean tradition these festivals have a family atmosphere where everyone feels part of one large extended family. Violence at these festivals is unheard of and everyone who attends has a memorably enjoyable time.